READ: 2 Samuel 7-9, Psalm 93, Matthew 4 , Colossians 4


God took David from the sheepfold to make him ruler. The Lord was with David and preserved David wherever he went (2 Sam. 7:9, 8:6, 8:14). David was carried continually.

There is an ongoing tension in our hearts, the tension of continually needing God’s help even as we continually either resent it or are reluctant to accept it.

I often feel guilty for needing Jesus. I don’t want to bother Him. On one hand I know that I desperately need Him and can’t live without Him; on the other hand my pride and insecurity alternatively make me reluctant to call out to Him for help. My pride restricts my calling on Jesus because I want to achieve something by my own strength that I might receive independent honor. My insecurity restrains my calling on Jesus because I don’t feel worthy to approach Jesus – especially on an ongoing, constant basis. It is humbling to be dependent on someone and no one wants to be a burden to others, and something inside of the proud (and insecurity is just a subtle form of pride) does not want to be an ongoing liability. To be the dependent recipient of ongoing grace requires a fortified humility.

The wonder of God is that He delights to be our source and constant supply. What seems like an imposition to us (continual dependency) is in fact an engineered reality. God made us to be dependent on Him. Jesus delights to continually carry me, Jesus delights to be the one who holds me together, gives me breath, provides daily bread, and constant care. Because man is finite and the dependency of others drains us, we assume that God is like us and that our constant need wearies Him. While we love and revel in God’s ongoing care, the un-crucified parts of our nature recoil in shame that we eternally need God’s benevolence. We love being helped and are embarrassed at being helped at the same time. 

Jesus wants us to believe that it is His joy to carry us, that He delights in being our constant, eternal provider. Jesus wants us to believe that we are not a burden to Him, that it is His joy to shepherd us. Jesus wants us to believe that our dependence on Him is not irksome or displeasing, it is not something He tolerates; it is something He purposely designed and revels in. Jesus is honored and worshiped by and in our dependence on Him. The joy of being God is His eternal supply for man’s needs. The joy of being man is being eternally carried.

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