READ: Joshua 16-18, Psalm 70, John 2, 2 Corinthians 10


Capture requires activity. We have to possess what is given to us, to actively pursue our inheritance (Joshua 18:3). We cannot expect to participate in the mission of God in slothful or reserved manner; we must aggressively take land for the kingdom, and the land we take will be forested, mountainous, and defended by giants. We go to war, we press towards the regions beyond – but not in the flesh.

The charge to bring “every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5) is not written in the context of internal purity or vain personal imaginations. Captive thoughts are those connected to arguments and high things that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God in spiritual warfare. In other words our non-carnal weapons of war (which pull down strongholds) are mighty to attack and capture the ideologies which are anti-Christ.

Islam is, in essence, an anti-Christ religion. Every Muslim would be shocked and even offended at this statement for they claim to love and honor Jesus. Yet the central component of Islam is Tawheed – the unity of God. More simply put, the disavowal of the deity of Christ. You cannot be a Muslim and believe Jesus is God. You cannot be a Christian if you do not confess that Jesus is God. Islam is an offense to Jesus because it denies His rightful place as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, very God of very God. Jesus is an offense to Islam because He claims to be divine.

The Muslim creed (shahada) is comprised of two parts: (1) “There is no God but God” and (2) “Mohammed is the prophet of God.” Liberal Christians swallow both (rationalizing that Mohammed led Muslims out of polytheism to monotheism). Uninformed Christians question the universal prophethood of Mohammed clause but accept the “no God but God” component. The reality is that the Islamic creed is a denial of Trinitarian monotheism and is simply stating: “Jesus is not God.” This is a thought that must be taken captive.

Islam is not the first or only anti-Christ ideology. Secular humanism is just as fanatic in its denunciation of the deity of Jesus. In fact, the divine nature of Christ is a primary reason for these two competing ideologies (who differ on abortion, homosexuality, alcohol, and human rights) to tolerate and even complement each other: they are united in their rejection of the deity of Jesus.

We not only defend the deity of Jesus by maintaining our firm belief and worship of Him despite mockery, slander, and scorn, we also aggressively attack the false (demonic) thought by constantly proclaiming who Jesus claimed to be. We cannot respond to this arrogant and rebellious rejection of Christ’s deity by embarrassment or concession. We cannot respond in self-censorship (removing familial language from our texts, reluctance to pray in Jesus’ name, reticence to proclaim Jesus in all His glorious Lordship). We take evil thoughts about Jesus captive (and an evil thought is anything that diminishes Christ’s deity) by constantly boldly proclaiming: JESUS IS GOD.

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