Ashley* and Amy*, two recent college graduates, have committed to live dead in Egypt for 11 months. There are tens of millions of people in Cairo who do not know the Truth of Jesus Christ.

We locked the door to our flat and headed out of our building, careful to keep our eyes down as we passed the many men that lined our neighborhood. We hopped in a taxi and were on our way to a new friend’s house—our first Middle Eastern friend!! As roommates, we had been praying for this day since we arrived, and it was finally here.


We were welcomed with hugs and kisses, and ushered out onto the balcony to gaze at the spectacular view and sip on cold, refreshing mango smoothies. We talked about everything, from our families to our favorite romantic comedy movies. A huge meal was prepared for us, and we never thought that we would eat again after a 3rd, and then a 4th helping of the delicious food was piled onto our plate.

We were having such a great time with our new friend, but as we sipped tea after dinner, each of us wondered, “Will she ever come to know Jesus? There are so many Muslims in this city…will we ever see one come to Christ? How can God possibly use US, as we are so full of imperfections? What do we even SAY to begin this conversation?”Slowly, our conversation began to turn towards our different religions. As these doubts were running through our heads, our friend looks as us and said, “Do you think I could have a copy of your holy book?”

Friends, it’s time to put aside our doubts, our fears, our disbeliefs. It’s time to open our mouths and boldly proclaim the word of Jesus. This isn’t about what we have to offer or how well we can share the Gospel. The Word of God speaks for itself, so may we die to the belief that it is because of our actions that people will surrender their hearts to the Lord. It’s time to believe that people in the Middle East WILL come to know Jesus. It’s time to Live Dead.

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