READ: Joshua 4-6, Psalm 66, Luke 22, 2 Corinthians 6


Strategy follows Abiding. When Joshua meets the commander of the Army of the Lord (Joshua 5), he tries to recruit Him (Jesus) onto the team. Pre-incarnate Jesus tells Joshua, “I am not for you or against you for that is the wrong question, the real question is whether you will worship me.” We should not ask God to bless our strategy; we should fall at His feet and worship. Strategy comes from worshiping, from falling prostrate at the feet of the Lord of angel armies. What are our battle instructions? “Take off your shoes for you are in the presence of The Holy.” What is our battle preparation? Fall on our faces before Jesus and worship.

When we worship, a strategic channel is opened to us from the war room of heaven. Worship unites us to the heart of God and illumines our minds to think His thoughts. Thinking His thoughts allows us to understand His strategy. Sequence is important. There is a vast difference between asking Jesus to bless our plans and falling at His feet so we can hear His. Our strategy comes from abiding at the feet of Jesus in worship.

Victory follows Praise. As we wait at the feet of Jesus for instructions, a counterintuitive command sinks into our spirit. Worship and praise are not only battle preparation; they are also battle instructions. Worship not only precedes battle, and praise not only follows battle, but worship and praise are the battle. When we praise the Lord, we war with nuclear weapons. Sure, we swing the sword of practical physical action – but the grand weapons of our warfare are not carnal (tangible/concrete). The big booms of spiritual warfare are invisible even while they are audible. Praise is the victory! Falling at the feet of Jesus revealed a strategy of marching in circles, blowing brass, and shouting out praise. This is not something Joshua would have conceived in a thousand war councils.

The beauty of praise as a primary weapon is that everyone can wield it. You don’t have to be strong, wise, seasoned, or esteemed. You don’t have to be healthy, rich, educated, or acclaimed. All you have to do is open your mouth and repeat back to Jesus who He has revealed Himself to be. As we exalt, magnify, extol, sing, praise, and adore OUTLOUD, the precious nature of Jesus, the arsenal of heaven is unleashed and battles are won. Let us be faithful warriors today.  Let’s lift up the weapon of praise (fueled by the armory of abiding) and go to war.

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