Lindsey* is a college student who visited the Middle East with a team in Summer 2012. She will return in 2013 as a summer intern, and is praying about joining Live Dead Arab World long term. She is involved with Chi Alpha Campus Ministry at her university.

When we say we want to be on fire for God,
      do we think of it in comparison to a real fire?
      are we mesmerized by God the same way we are by fire?
      is it impossible for us to look away?
      are we watching, looking, in awe of the One and Only One?

Just as flames can cause pain, so will our journey.
      It’s going to burn.
      It’s going to be hard.
      It’s going to cause destruction in our lives.

That’s just part of this journey of living dead. We must turn our desires for worldly pleasures to ash. When God renews us, it’s as if He ignites new logs that will burn even brighter and hotter than before.

Fires are hard to forget. They are moments in your life that change and form who you are today. Last summer when I was in the Middle East, there were both blessings and hardships. But that trip changed my life.

Source: Creative Commons

Source: Creative Commons

That trip was a fire.

      What I learned,
      I will never, ever forget.

This summer when I return, God will light a new flame with my life.

Then and now I continually fight the battle of living dead.
      Burning hurts.
      Living dead hurts. It is in those moments we must ask ourselves
            what kind of wood are we putting on the fire?
            is our wood dry and thirsty for God to consume us?
            or is it green and wet?

      Am I being used to my full potential?
      Or am I holding onto life in this world too much to be caught fully aflame?

I want to be dry wood.
I hunger and thirst for God to be my flame, my all-consuming fire,
      for my fire to burn brighter,
      for God’s new wood to be put on.

Maybe that wood is responsibility. Struggles. Hardship. Something that seems to weigh you down, or is too heavy to handle. It may feel like the log is too big for the flame, like God trusts you too much and is giving you too big a burden to carry. Let Him.

In reality it may be just what you need to become hotter, brighter, bigger for your Father who’s igniting the flame.

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