READ: Numbers 16-18, Psalm 46, Luke 2, 1 Corinthians 2


In Luke 2 shepherds in the field are given this proof of God: “This will be the sign for you, you will find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.” What is the sign that God is with us? God with us! God does not leave the guarantee of His presence to miracle or some metaphysical idea; He came down and humbly dwelt among us. We saw Him, we touched Him, we heard Him, we laughed with Him, we interacted with Him. Through the apostles we touched the very God of very God. God proved that He is with us by literally being with us. God is His own sign.

Man demands a sign, ideologies compete in the theoretical arena, religions strive to outdo each other with works – all in an effort to prove God is with them. Our sign is simply this: God came down and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory.

Why do you foolishly strive for evidence of God outside of God? God hears our silly requests for proof and says, “I will do better than academic proof; I will experientially give you of myself.” Man asks for evidence, God gives us the eternal. Our folly is that even when God shows Himself on offer, we still insist on secondary tiers of evidence (circumstantial).

The psalmist (Psalm 46) understood that the proof of God for us is God with us: “God is our refuge and our strength, a very PRESENT help in times of trouble.” As God is His own sign, through the incarnation, so are we, too, to be His living sign among the nations. We are to be their present (bodily) help in time of trouble. It is a shame to the gospel that reporters and humanists are more intrepid than missionaries. Newspersons and do-gooders are often quicker to lay their lives down in Afghanistan and Somalia than are the heralds of the King.

God’s sign is His incarnate Son suffering with and for mankind. We are to participate in that incarnation by being the present, bodily sign of Jesus in the hell-holes of earth.

Aaron (Num. 16:47-48) ran with the healing censor and stood “between the living and the dead” in order to stop the plague. Christ in us is the only preserving agent this world has. Let us bodily be the sign of His love by running into the midst of all plagues, standing between the living and the dead, and pointing to Jesus – the God who became man, the God who is His own sign.

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