READ: Leviticus 22-24, Psalm 39, Mark 11, Romans 11


Aaron and sons were warned not to profane the holy name of God by what they dedicated to Him in worship (Lev. 22:1). To give God what is less than our best is an insidious form of cursing. What we dedicate to God can be insulting to Him. The blasphemous curse of our day is giving to God what offends Him because it is less than our best, our leftover energy and attention, the scraps of our time, or what we can’t give to someone else. The scripture warns us that those who worship cavalierly will be put to death (Lev. 24:16).

The profanity of worship mixed with sin. God is repulsed when we approach His altar with unconfessed sin. When we make a habit of lifting our hands, singing loud, or praying in the spirit from a lifestyle of unconfessed or habitual sin, we commit spiritual suicide. Spiritual death is a process. We become numb over time to the conviction of the Spirit. Over time we develop spiritual callouses and dichotomize our sin out of our worship. This leads to the unpardonable sin: We no longer can here the promptings of the Spirit. Without that sensitivity to hear we have no faith. [Faith comes by hearing. (Rom. 10:17)]. Without faith it is impossible to please God because we have lost the capacity to obey.

The profanity of worship mixed with materialism. When Jesus cleanses the temple (Mark 11), He does so for two reasons, one of which is the profanity of a materialistic approach to worship. The Western Church is particularly guilty of this with our million dollar facilities and fashion show Monday mornings, but the Global South in its poverty is also suspect. A materialistic approach to worship is demonic and profane. Jesus in effect curses the temple. His atoning death and resurrection makes ritual sacrifice unnecessary and He is intolerant of buildings for buildings sake.

The profanity of worship which omits missions. The second reason Jesus cleanses the temple is because it had lost its missions priority. The buyers and sellers had set up camp in the “Court of the Gentiles.” The venue God had ordained for the nations to come and worship Jehovah. Jesus is furious at this profanity and thunders: “My house shall be made a house of prayer for ALL NATIONS,” directly referencing Isaiah 56. When we approach congregational worship without a priority on the gospel going to all people groups, we curse God. He will curse back. Peoples, churches, ministries, and denominations that worship profanely (without incorporating God’s heart to be glorified by all ethno-linguistic peoples) actually are cursing God. This profanity will not be tolerated. Every stone of every edifice that curses God through worship shall be torn down.

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