READ: Leviticus 13-15, Psalm 36, Mark 8, Romans 8


The reach of sin is staggering. If you let sin in, it runs wild, attacks your vulnerable places, and destroys your vulnerable ones. This is why God deals so ruthlessly with it. The Levitical laws on leprosy seem ludicrous. They are so detailed and so extreme. God is simply communicating that the Law of the Leper is similar to the Law of Sin: leprosy/sin affect everything it touches and spreads everywhere. Similarly, cleansing from sin is not to be confused with forgiveness. Forgiveness is instantaneous; cleansing requires a process.

We love to quote the “no condemnation” promise of Romans 8:1. We must ever remind ourselves that the promise is conditional. “There is no condemnation for those….WHO DO NOT WALK ACCORDING TO THE FLESH” (emphasis added). Walking in the Spirit is a process that demands time and intentionality. We are not condemned IF we go through the process of being sanctified. It is only when we walk in God’s light, that we are free from the insidious spread of sin, it is only in His light that we see light (Psalm 36:9).

It is far better to put energy into prevention than cure. Sin is so destructive that though both forgiveness and cleansing are possible, they are so at great cost – a cost often bourn by the innocent as well as the guilty. It is for this reason that we must be gatekeepers. We must stand at sin’s ports of entry and bar it from coming in. Everyone is responsible for their own choices, yet leaders are culpable when they open the door to destruction.

My Greek grandmother was a medium before she came to Jesus. She could see into the spirit world – both angelic and demonic. After she gave her life to Jesus, He appeared to her in a vision, put His hand on her head, and pulled a shroud off of her. It was as if a veil on her soul was lifted off. From that time she could no longer see into the spirit world – good or bad. Her daughter and granddaughter, however, both have keen spiritual discernment. It sounds crazy, but one day before I was born, my mother passed by a room where my older sister was watching television. There happened to be some horror commercial on at that time, and my mother had a vision of demonic forces reaching out from the television in an attempt to influence and even conquer my sister’s mind.

What we let into our home affects our children – even before they can comprehend language. Sin spreads. Evil is ravenous. Without seeing demons under every chair, let us at least recognize ubiquitous demonic ambition. Let us not allow evil to run riot in our sphere of influence (among our vulnerable ones) because we let it in our minds, onto our computers, or into our homes.

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