READ: Leviticus 4-6, Psalm 33, Mark 5, Romans 5


The pride in us keeps us off our knees. We seek to position ourselves in a place of strength, having believed the lie that personal high ground protects us. Our deliverance does not result from personal strength (Ps. 33:16-17) but from dependency on Jesus. The sooner we humble ourselves and realize that everyone must beg, the safer we are.

Demons beg. When Jesus confronts demonic power, they immediately know they are overmatched and begin to whine. We look at the intimidating powers ideologically and coercively at work around us (and in days past) and we shudder, cowed by their evil strength. Picture them groveling before Jesus (Mark 5:12).

Leaders beg. Jairus, influential in the synagogue (Mark 5:22), falls at Jesus’ feet. He did not care what his peers felt, he was so desperate for help that he, too, grovels. When our pride keeps us from begging, it also keeps us from miracles. One reason the West does not see as many miracles as the Global South is because we are too refined to beg. If you are too proud to beg for yourself, will you at least beg for others?

Humble followers beg. The woman with the issue of blood was lowly enough to fall at Jesus feet (Mark 5:33) and tell Jesus the whole truth. “Here it is Jesus – all my dirty laundry – laid out for you and everyone else to know.” Repeatedly in the scriptures the most powerful deliverances result from the most public confessions. Bringing our weakness into the public light is often the only way to private joy.

There is one more category of beggars in this Mark 5 text. In verse 17, “Then they began to plead with Him to depart from their region.” This is one of the saddest verses in the Bible. They preferred their pigs over the presence of Jesus. We all beg — we either beg Jesus to help us or we beg Him to leave us. The latter is sheer folly, the former the greatest wisdom. May Jesus make us wise, wise enough to beg.

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