READ: Exodus 10-12, Psalm 21, Matthew 21, Acts 21

Under the Blood

As a child my parents taught me to “plead the blood.” Essentially this meant to resist the forces of oppression and evil that would come against my body, soul, or mind by reminding them (and myself) that I was under the protection of Jesus. In demonic encounters we pray in the spirit and we pray with the understanding, and we cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus. To cover one’s self with the blood of Jesus sounds strange, but what it meant is to invoke the protective shield that Jesus offers to us. When we are “under the precious blood” we are safe – no weapon formed against us prospers.

The biblical origin of this phrase is, of course, the Exodus Passover. God’s people are told to apply the blood of a lamb or goat to the doorposts and lintels of their homes. God tells them, “When I see the blood, I will pass over you” (Exo. 12:13).

It is interesting and still appropriate that for us “pleading the blood” has come to mean spiritual warfare and prayer that resists the attack of the devil, preserving us from his evil intentions. We forget that the blood of the Passover lamb originally protected the people of God from the wrath of God. The blood of the lamb protects me from God!

Just as truth without mercy kills, mercy without truth corrupts. Let us not forget that God’s holiness and purity demands the death of all who sin, which means all that are born, not just the firstborn of the wicked. I and my sons deserve to die.

The blood of Jesus shed on the cross protects me from the justice of God, which demands my death. To “stay under the blood” is to stay protected from the wrath of God. It is the mercy of God (Ps. 21:7) that keeps us immovable, rooted in safety.

Let us not be the fools who venture out into sin, outside of the covering blood of Jesus. We really only have two options: Stay broken and humble under the blood of Jesus, conscious that we are sinners deserving death (Matt. 21:44, falling on the cornerstone) or having the wrath of God falling on us and being ground to powder.

It is right to “plead the blood.” It is imperative to “stay under the blood,” and not just in resistance and repulsion of evil, but also in order to be protected from God’s righteous wrath. “We’re under the blood, the precious blood, under the cleansing, healing flood. Keep us Savior from day to day, under the precious blood.”

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