READ: Genesis 16-18, Psalm 6, Matthew 6, Acts 6


The Judge of all the earth sees it right to tell the mother of the father of those who submit to submit herself to a woman, to a woman whose seed will bring forth the Messiah, who will in turn bless all nations. “Islam” means submission (or subjugation) and Hagar (who will bear Ishmael, meaning “God hears”) is told to submit to Sarah. Hagar responds by identifying the Angel of the Lord as the God she has seen and who sees and hears her anguish. How sweet the double comfort that God has heard the anguish of the 1.6 billion children of Ishmael and that He calls them to the freedom of submitting to His Christ. We tend to laugh at the impossible promises of God, rather than glorying in what is impossible. May we, too, submit ourselves with joy to the promised destiny of millions of Muslims.

There are over 4,000 minarets in the city of Cairo. With five prayer calls a day, this amounts to over 20,000 public, daily mournful petitions rending the sky. Will not “The God who hears and sees” look down in pity on these sorely deceived? Can we but join our voice to the God who hears our voice and will receive our prayers (Psalm 6:9)? How unfortunate are these sons of Abraham whose twisted truth is a double bind.  Light that is in us as darkness is a great evil (Matthew 6:23).

Doctrine matters. Truth and clarity about the deity of Christ is crucial. Because twisted light is such a tactic of the fallen angel, we cannot subscribe to postmodern thinking when it elevates the journey/process regardless of the starting or compass points. We must have men and women who dedicate themselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4). We must have men and women who speak the truth about Jesus in the power of the Spirit unceasingly (Acts 6:13). We must have men and women who realize that to do so will bring stones down on our head and joy into our hearts.

We must submit ourselves to the divine Jesus and shamelessly insist all others do so as well.

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