By Kevin E.

The Holy Spirit says ‘To die once is easy, but to die daily is the difficult part.”  When I die daily I let go of a part of my life and am filled with the life of Jesus, which is better by far; the joy and peace that floods every part of my being is far better than anything I could ever do for myself.  To be able to give my life for the testimony of Christ, I must have been dying daily or it would be almost impossible for me to say yes to choosing death over life.  However, if I died daily to myself, I know that when I breathe my last here on earth, I will be infused with the life of Christ and be with him forever more.

To wear ‘Live Dead’ as a badge, I miss the concept of what ‘Live Dead’ really means.  To live dead means I die to my need for recognition and only live for the glory of Jesus.  When I die to self, I do not need to be publicly heard or recognized, but if I am put into the public eye, it is only for the expansion of the Kingdom of God and none other.  To die to self means I serve quietly and suffer patiently and joyfully because that is what Jesus did.  Once I have completed the task set out for me to be done, all I should expect to hear from Jesus is ‘there is more I require of you’ and my response should be ‘yes Lord, your will be done.’  It is only when I lay my life down that I can know life and more abundantly because it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

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