I love Jesus.
Jesus is all the world to me.
Jesus is worth dying for.

It is no longer enough
for North Americans to send money
that others suffer in our place.
Why should the North American church be exempt from suffering?

To not send our sons and daughters
while we issue out the coin of the realm
is a double indignity:
to ourselves, for we void ourselves of the fellowship of His sufferings;
to our brothers and sisters in the global church, for we indirectly demean their lives by saying they are expendable and we are not.

To not send,
to not go,
to not passionately and energetically mobilize,
is disobedience;
it is defiance,
it is rebellion.

All the church must take all the gospel to all the world.
Anything less is shameful and selfish.

Not only must we send,
we must pre-determine, pre-decide,
knowing some we send will falter.
Some will fail.
Some will fall to the ground and die.

And when they do,
we will send a dozen more to take their place.

We cannot wait for stability.
Our world—especially Muslim lands, the Arab center—
is post-stable.
It will only get worse
until the Great Referee in Heaven trumpets the final whistle.
We cannot pull back when Tertullian’s Canadian offspring
spill their bloody seed.
For the blood of the martyrs is still the seed of the church.

We cannot send from guilt.
We will not commission in emotion.
For nothing save God’s glory
and our loving determination to see Him worshipped everywhere
can support the weight of the price to be paid.

Our African family reminds us:
“You cannot kill an elephant by stabbing its shadow.”
Islam is the elephant of our age.
The Arab world is the heart of the elephant.
It may not be the largest elephant part
(Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country),
but the 300 million Arab Muslims set the tone
and determine the fate of the entire Muslim world.

Let us therefore pray together,
let us dream together,
let us send together,
let us suffer together,
let us die together.

Let us together LIVE for God’s glory in the Muslim world.
Let us together proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ.

Despising all shame,
embracing all crosses,
fathers and mothers,
pastors and leaders,
Help us mobilize a generation.

Sow your precious seeds with glad tears
that in that day, around the throne—with every race—
we might dance around the Lamb in tearful joy,

echoing those who sent and went before us:
“We can do this—if we will.”

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